Beat Camp Remix Competition 2012

Beat Camp Remix FinalistsRed Bull Beat Camp on Sat Dec 15th is a Free day of workshops starting at 1pm, for aspiring DJs and Producers of all levels. Sponsored by Ableton, Novation, Akai, SoundCloud, DJTechTools, Good Child Cartel, HiFi club, Commonwealth and of course Beat Drop. Get your FREE ticket NOW.

Harm [soundcloud][/soundcloud] Crimson [soundcloud][/soundcloud] Buska [soundcloud][/soundcloud]

Finalists will have 5minutes at Beat Camp on Sat Dec 15th to explain how they made their track, what inspired them and what techniques they used to create their track. There will be a live panel of judges and the winner takes home a Beat Drop prize pack of over $2000.

Special Categories

10@10 Favorite - Egypt [soundcloud][/soundcloud] Best Non Eligible Favorite - Kyle Morgan [soundcloud][/soundcloud] Best International Entry (Poland) - Pikka [soundcloud][/soundcloud]

Ableton Live Core Certificate - WINTER 2013

30 hours Thursdays 8:00pm - 10:00pm Jan 17 - April 25 2013 $1599 $1399 (Until Jan 15 2013) SAIT Students receive another 10% off this Core Course. Location: SAIT Instructor

Who is this course for? • DJ's looking to get into the world of Live and begin the journey of producing and performing their own material • DJ's and Producers looking to learn to remix their own and other's material • Producers looking to for new tools and sounds for their own music • Singer/Songwriters looking to learn to sketch out song ideas and produce professionally sounding tracks

Computer, Software, Midi Controller and Headphones provided.

Over the course of this 30 hour intensive course we will teach you everything there is to know about creating music in Ableton Live.

Prior musical experience or knowledge of Live or is not required. Through hands-on exercises, students learn Live’s various panes, effects and mixing facilities. By the end of the course, students will be ready to showcase and perform their songs for their peers. Because of the small class size and open learning environment, each student receives ample personal attention and comes away with a working knowledge of this ingenious program.

Topics Include:

Ableton 101

• Overview of Live • The Geography of Live: A Tour of the Ableton Interface • MIDI Clips & the Note Editor: Writing Music with Live Clips • MIDI Quantization & Drums: Building Rhythms and Drum Tracks • Intro to Audio Effects: Tweaking Your Sound • Intro to Midi Effects: Varying your performance • MIDI & Key Controls: Using Live with MIDI Controllers • Recording Your Session: Committing Session View Actions to the Arrange View • Editing Your Arrangement: Refining Your Production in the • Arrange View • Customizing Global Preferences: Making Live Your Own

Ableton 201

• Recording Ideas into the Arrangement View • Editing in the Arrangement View • Introduction to Automation • Warping and Audio Clip Manipulation • Recording Methods • Drum Racks and Beat Slicing • The Groove Pool: Shuffle, Swing and Timing • Arranging and Exporting • Routing & Group Tracks: Directing Your Signal Flow

Ableton 301

• Audio and Live (Sampling and recording techniques) • Creative Use of Effects • Live’s Mixer and Signal Flow • Advanced Automation Techniques • Advanced Production Techniques (Sidechaining, Compression, •EQ'ing Gating) • Advanced Key and MIDI Mapping • Freezing and Flattening • Intermediate Arranging Concepts • Intro to Playing Live with Live • Intro to Mastering your tracks

Each student will practice and learn on a Beat Drop certified rig. This includes laptop, midi keyboard, headphones and software. The only pre-requisite is a basic understanding of computers.

Why Ableton Live?

Nothing touches it for simplicity, creativity and spontaneity. It's super fun to work with and has a unique interface to interact with. For recording and producing to playing live with it simply is the best option out there. For more videos on Ableton Live check out Ableton's Youtube page

** Please note there will be absolutely no refunds after the first class has taken place. ** You may be offered a credit if you cancel your registration within 2 weeks before the first class takes place.


"Having walked in with absolutely minimal knowledge I did not know much of what I was getting into. I can now say after completing Ableton 303 the knowledge gained from the course is absolutely worth it. It was an incredibly helpful course and I had a lot of fun taking it. Infinite thanks to Mitch and his crew." -Russ

"The Ableton Live Core production class is an awesome crash course in professional audio production. Whatever your musical style, the course teaches the fundamental skills to start producing, remixing, and performing with Ableton Live. I had a great time learning, and the classes are fun and engaging. I would highly recommend BeatDrop if you're trying to figure out how to take your passion for music to the next level." -Steve

"Beatdrop was such a helpful course. Coming into beatdrop I had no prior knowledge of the program, Now I have the skills and techniques to lay out a ton of "sick beats" and we got to watch cat videos!!!" -Gage

"This class was well worth the money. Great environment to learn in, and awesome people teaching it. Learned everything I needed to know, and more. Went into this class with out ever touching a DAW, and came out pretty confident in my abilities. Would definitely recommend this class to anyone." -Brad

"The live course was dope! Instructors were very knowledgeable and helpful. The course was well prepared and formatted to give a solid memorble introduction to Live. I came away from the course with an understanding of the abilities of the software, a starting point to pour creativity into, and a lot of song production and mastering ideas to further study and explore. I have been recommending the course to friends that have expressed interest in learning beat production. I've also been loving the free artist workshops. Calgary is blessed to have Beat Drop!" -Scott

“I had a fantastic time at Beatdrop’s Electronic Music Production 101 course. I was very impressed with the facilities and Mitch’s instruction. I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to get started producing music on their laptops, and I look forward to taking further courses at Beatdrop to further my education.” –Tyler

“Beat drop was super hype.I love the small class size and hand on approach. Made it easy to learn things quickly” –Kamille

“Beat drop was a once in a lifetime opportunity for me. The class was very easy to get along with and the teacher went very in-depth for all the questions I had. Thanks to Beat Drop I’ve made Ableton my main digital audio workstation and I have progressed a lot in electronic music.” –Mike

Ableton How To - Quick Start Overview

Beat Drop's course Ableton Quick Start. Instructed by award winning Producer and Ableton certified trainer Mitch Lee. This short course shows you how Ableton works by taking you through the basics of building a track. Make sure to follow along and download the Ableton Session Files Download:

Topics covered:

Lesson 1 - Beats Understanding the interface of Ableton Live and how to navigate the Session View. How to create a midi clip and create a basic drum pattern using Ableton instrument Impulse.

Lesson 2 - Bass Creating a simpler instrument and adding a waveform to create a bass instrument. How to create a midi clip and add a bass line in Session view.

Lesson 3 - Synth Stabs Create an Ableton Simpler instrument and add a simple synth stab chord progression. See how Ableton has changed the game and added "Clip Envelopes". An amazing way to add automation to clips inside of Ableton.

Lesson 4 - Guitar Stabs Learn more features inside of Simpler and learn how to add some of Ableton's amazing audio effects and how they can give you clips life and energy.

Lesson 5 - Midi FX Not only does Ableton come with amazing audio effects there are some incredible effects that you can add to your midi clips. From building chords to arpegiators to randomizing velocities. An incredible set of tools.

Lesson 6 - Vocal FX How to add a couple vocal samples and mess with it. Add fx and learn to tweak the Simpler instrument.

Lesson 7 - Arranging Learn how to use Arrangement View window and how to take clips from Session view and start to arrange them in Arrangement view. Arrangement view is linear and is the view typically found in most DAWs (Digital Audio Workstation) If you watch only one video in this series this video is it. Most people have a hard time understanding Live's two views.

Lesson 8 - Mix and Outputting Learn some quick tips on mixing in Ableton and how to render or bounce your track in Ableton Live.


Joanna Borromeo

Joanna Borromeo is a well-rounded and solo artist, musician and composer. After graduating from the Jazz Music Program at Humber College in Toronto, Ontario Joanna has gained a wealth of professional work experience in the contemporary music scene, first spending time on cruise ships, then moving on to working with the top R&B cover bands in Toronto, and eventually transitioning to working with original artists, touring throughout Canada, the UK and Trinidad & Tobago. She has worked with a diverse group of well-known Canadian artists, including David Myles, Joel Plaskett, Divine Brown, Jackie Richardson, Molly Johnson, God Made Me Funky, Measha Brueggergosman and Slakah the Beatchild. She also was a member of an instrumental jazz-folk/blues fusion band known as the Outlanders, who had a regular weekly gig opening up for the Juno Award winning band, Sisters Euclid. She is an avid music instructor of over 10 years, sharing her knowledge and performance experience with students in private lessons, jazz clinics and other workshops, and she continues to inspire students today.

NAMM 2012: Akai Max 49 USB/MIDI/CV Keyboard Controller

It's about 21 hours until NAMM 2012 begins and the new toys are already being rolled out.

Akai's latest instalment to their keyboard controllers line is the ultra cool Max 49. What makes the Max 49 unlike most keyboard controllers is the fact that it offers USB, MIDI,CV and Gate outputs. The ability to output to a USB or MIDI doesn't really set this keyboard apart, but the fact that it outputs CV and Gate puts this little red synth into a whole different category of controllers. For those of you who may be new to the world of electronic music production, CV stands for control voltage and is how old (and new) analog synthesizers send musical data. Having the ability to output CV and Gate signals means that with this controller you can dive into the world of affordable analog synthesis and not have to worry about getting a controller specifically design for only one purpose.

Along with the awesome ability to control mighty analog synthesizers, the Max 49 also comes with 12 backlit MPC style drum pads, eight backlit LED touch faders for gradual or instant parameter value changes,  four pad banks, four fader banks, a built-in step sequencer, AkaiConnect for quick mapping to VST plugins, an arpeggiator, and an LCD screen for flipping through presets.

All in all it's a really cool take on a very common controller, and hopefully it will live up to all it advertises. And plus, it's an awesome way to start off NAMM and it definitely builds the anticipation to see what else will come out of this years show.

We are so very excited - NAMM 2012

So it's one day until the 2012 NAMM show kicks off, and if like us you enjoy drooling over cool new gear, and music toys galore, then get ready for the greatest four days of the year. In years gone by, NAMM has been the host of some of the most amazing new instruments, software, and well pretty much anything else musical you can think of. This year hopefully won't be any different. If you're new to the music world, or are just looking to beef up your arsenal of gear, NAMM is a great place to look, as it's sure to have something for everyone, beginner to expert.

Over the next few days we will be posting some of the new equipment announced at NAMM, so be sure to check back and subscribe to our Facebook and twitter feeds for all your 2012 NAMM news.

Also if you are curious about learning how you can become involved in the rapidly growing worlds of electronic music and DJing be sure to sign up to one of our courses and learn how to spin and create your very own tracks.

Mitch Lee

Mitch Lee is certified Ableton Live Trainer and an award winning film, tv and video game composer and sound designer. Mitch has produced music for companies like Warner Brothers, Activision, Atari, ESPN, Adidas, Nissan and many more. Mitch is a founder and head instructor at Beat Drop music production and DJ school in Calgary, AB Canada. Mitch brings real world production application into each lesson and class and aims to help students get their musical ideas out and onto the canvas.

DJ Kyle Morgan

DJ Kyle Morgan is a rising star in the House and Dubstep scene in Calgary. A resident DJ at the Rhino and an instructor at Calgary's only Electronic Music Production and DJ School BeatDrop, Kyle Morgan is quickly getting noticed for his production and high energy mixes.

DJ C-Sik

DJ C-Sik (Rick Cruz), of the Suns Of Boey crew, has quickly become a household name in the ever-evolving Hip-Hop scene in Calgary. After winning every battle there is to be won and representing our fair city on the national stage the DJ formerly known as Squidget has since developed into one of the best club/party rockers out. His diverse taste in music is fully evident whether he’s tearing up a club, rocking a b-boy jam or simply trying to set the mood. He’s had the pleasure of sharing the stage with the likes of Nas, the GZA (Wu-Tang), Chali 2na, Warren G, Zion I, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Ali-Shaheed Muhammad, Mike Relm, Afrika Bambaataa, DJ Numark, Rectangle, and Mixmaster Mike. Never content with the status quo and always full of surprises, C-Sik will keep you guessing every time you see him playing out.