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Are you tired of searching youtube for tutorials on how to produce with Ableton, play chords, synthesize and mix & master? Have you purchased video downloads but never end up going through them? Do you wish someone could help guide and give you a roadmap to producing electronic music? Are you looking for professional help that is there for you on weekly basis?

Expand your musical knowledge and make music that you can be proud of. With our online courses, you can have all of the benefits of learning at Beat Drop from anywhere in the world. Just like at our Calgary location, our online courses are designed to help you express your musical vision in creative and unique ways. 

Video lectures, assignments and worksheets will be uploaded every week to our online classroom, giving you the flexibility to learn at the time that fits into your schedule in the week. Our professional instructors will be there with you every step of the way in online office hours and 1-on-1 meetings to address your individual needs.

You will learn more effectively when you have weekly feedback from actual professionals, have deadlines (assignments) to challenge you which help you stay on track.

How it works

Day 1

  • An HD Video Lesson is unlocked (40-120 min)
  • You can watch these lessons anytime its convenient for you during the week. You also have lifetime access to the content.
  • Download assignments and files
  • Read and interact in our online classroom
  • Begin homework for the week

Day 4-5

  • Receive video feedback from instructor on your homework.

Day 6

  • 1on1 Video chat or 1 hour Group Chat

NEXT ONLINE SEMESTER starts February 27th 2017

$899 CAD - $690 USD - £511 GBP

Learn to produce, create, arrange and mix in today's standard for electronic music production and performance.

12 Weeks
$899 CAD - $690 USD - £511 GBP

Learn the building blocks of music - beats, melody and harmony for the modern day producer.

12 weeks
$899 CAD - $690 USD - £511 GBP

Learn the fundamentals of creating the sounds you love with vintage and modern day hardware and software.

6 weeks
$499 CAD $385 USD £285 GBP

Learn to produce, create, sample, arrange, pad drum and mix with Ableton's flagship instrument Push.

$899 CAD - $690 USD - £511 GBP

From arranging and song structure to advanced production techniques to performing live with Live, Core II is for the intermediate to advanced producer.

$899 CAD - $690 USD - £511 GBP

Learn the fundamental tools of  EQ, compression, panning, level balancing, reverb and special effects so that your electronic music will sound like a commercial release.


12 - 24 weeks
$2397 CAD  $1858 USD £1400 GBP

Ableton Core I
Music Fundamentals