Ableton Core I Online - Full Payment


Ableton Core I Online - Full Payment

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Learn to produce, create, arrange and mix in today's standard for music production. 

12 weeks
12 lessons
Lifetime access to course content + updates
Instructor: Donald Dinsmore 


  • Novice and Intermediate Music Producers
  • Producers making the switch to Ableton Live 
  • DJ’s looking to produce and perform their own material
  • DJ’s and Producers who want to make remixes 
  • Producers looking to get the most out of the tools in Ableton Live 9
  • Singer/Songwriters who want to use Ableton Live to  sketch out song ideas


  • Headphones / Studio Monitors
  • Personal Computer or Mac
  • Ableton Live 9 Suite (purchase a discounted EDU version from  Beat Drop)
  • MIDI controller
  • Prior musical experience or knowledge of Live is not required


  • Every Saturday at 2pm MT we unlock a new lesson including, videos, project files, worksheets, samples and assignments
  • The instructor will provide 1-on-1 video feedback on assignments every second week 
  • During the course you will have six 15 minute 1-on-1 video chats with your instructor
  • Group chats will be held every second week to ask specific questions and go over assignments
  • You can network and collaborate with your classmates on a daily basis in our private online classroom
  • You will have lifetime access to this course's resources and 12 week's of access to the instructor.


  • Each lesson will contain 30 minutes to 1.5 hours of video lectures. You can review whenever you wish and as often as you want.
  • Assignments will take between 15 minutes to 1.5 hours. Submission of assignments is optional however, for every assignment you submit you will receive personalized video feedback on your assignment.
  • Each week there is either a group online chat (1 hour Skype) or 1on1 chat (15 minute Skype) with your instructor.


  • You will have 12 weeks with access to the instructor
  • You will have access to the online videos and resources for 1 year


  • The Geography of Live: A Tour of the Ableton Interface
  • MIDI Clips & the Note Editor: Writing Music with Live Clips
  • MIDI Quantization & Drums: Building Rhythms and Drum Tracks
  • Intro to Audio Effects: Tweaking Your Sound
  • Intro to Midi Effects: Varying your performance
  • MIDI & Key Controls: Using Live with MIDI Controllers
  • Editing Your Arrangement: Refining Your Production in the Arrange View
  • Introduction to Automation
  • Warping and Audio Clip Manipulation
  • Drum Racks and Beat Slicing
  • Audio and Live (Sampling and recording techniques
  • Creative Use of Effects
  • Intermediate Arranging Concepts
  • Intro to Playing Live with Live
  • Intro to Mixing and Mastering your tracks


Nothing comes close to Ableton in terms of its simplicity, creativity and spontaneity. Ableton is the go to music production software for remixing, warping and music creation. From recording, producing, to live performance, Live's unique features sets it apart from the competition. For more videos on Ableton Live check out Ableton.

** Please note there will be absolutely no refunds after the first class has taken place.
** You may be offered a credit if you cancel your registration within 2 weeks before the first class takes place.


"Ableton Core I was an amazing learning experience and overall fun time.  It allowed me to get past the steep initial learning curve and start producing music with confidence." 
- Carter M

"Ableton Core I is the perfect introduction to making beats and music.  Provides you with the tools and confidence you need to use Ableton software fluently."
-  Mark C

"Awesome class: filled in so many of the gaps of self-taught material. I can't wait for Ableton Core 2!!!"
- Ryan L

"This course, through Beat Drop, will CHANGE YOUR LIFE. You will leave this course having the confidence to create and express your art. You will meet amazing, like minded individuals that want you to succeed and you get the perks of a small class size, engaging instructors, and the best exposure to the industry that exists in Calgary. Coming into this course with ZERO knowledge in Ableton, I've graduated with full assurance that I can complete a finished piece of art that is ready for commercial exposure."
- Tim O

"Beat Drop is an amazing atmosphere where you get to learn from people who are passionately devoting their lives to making music."
- Beni D

"I was skeptical at first about what i would get out of this course and if it was worth the money, but after having completed it, i am now interested in taking as many courses as BeatDrop has to offer. Mitch and his crew were great, and the atmosphere was totally easygoing, very comfortable environment for learning. Not only did I learn the in's and out's of Ableton, but also some quite valuable knowledge in audio production overall, that i can use anywhere. I'd recommend this course to anyone who is sick of just tinkering around and wants to take their music to the next level. See y'all in the fall!"
- Paul F

"If you're considering taking this course, then take it. Undoubtedly the most effective and efficient way to take your ableton methods to the next level, no matter what your level of experience."
- Lauren D