Learn to produce, create, design, arrange and perform with this intensive summer program.
96 hours of in class instruction
June 1 - July 23 2016
Choose 4 of 5 courses (Ableton Live Core I, Synthesis, Music Fundamentals, Keyboard Fundementals and Music Business)
2 hour, evening classes
Price: $4267 (save over 10%)
Instructors: Donald Dinsmore, Paul Brooks, Brandon Smith and Enoque Carrancho

Who is this course for?

  • Beginner and Intermediate Producers looking to learn solid music and production fundamentals 
  • Beginner and Intermediate Producers looking to learn how to create their own sounds and understand electronic music composition
  • Beginner and Intermediate Producers who are looking to learn from industry professionals in a community focussed environment
  • Students who would like to advance their music production knowledge during the summer months


What you will need

  • Headphones
  • We have iMacs with midi controllers, loaded with Ableton 9 Suite (you are welcome to bring your laptop)
  • You can purchase LIve 9 Suite through us at Educational pricing
  • Prior musical experience or knowledge is not required

Upon finishing the class

By the end of the course, students will have a solid understanding on how Ableton Live functions and how the process of creating a track from scratch involves both music theory, sound design, production techniques and mixing concepts. This is a very well rounded certificate taking the best that Beat Drop has to offer from some of its best instructors and offering it in an intensive compact format. Because of the small class size and open learning environment, each student receives ample personal attention and comes away with solid music production fundamentals. 

Topics Include:

  • The Geography of Live: A Tour of the Ableton Interface
  • MIDI Clips & the Note Editor: Writing Music with Live Clips
  • MIDI Quantization & Drums: Building Rhythms and Drum Tracks
  • Intro to Audio Effects: Tweaking Your Sound
  • Intro to Midi Effects: Varying your performance
  • MIDI & Key Controls: Using Live with MIDI Controllers
  • Editing Your Arrangement: Refining Your Production in the Arrange View
  • Introduction to Automation
  • Warping and Audio Clip Manipulation
  • Drum Racks and Beat Slicing
  • Audio and Live (Sampling and recording techniques
  • Creative Use of Effects
  • Intermediate Arranging Concepts
  • Intro to Playing Live with Live
  • Intro to Mixing and Mastering your tracks in Ableton
  • Synthesizer history
  • Synthesizer modules – (VCO, VCF, VCA, CV processors, LFO, Wave Shapers)
  • Common synthesizer layouts
  • Different methods of synthesis (subtractive, additive, FM, wavetable etc.)
  • Incorporating synth elements into audio production
  • Sequencing in Live using combinations of soft-synths and hardware
  • The merits and pitfalls of using vintage equipment vs. new
  • Hardware vs. software - finding the right synth for you
  • Simplifying Complex Harmony and Rhythms
  • Intermediate Harmonic Theory
  • Voice Leading
  • Polyrhythms and Intermediate Rhythmic Analysis
  • The DNA of Music – Analysis and Creation of Influential Genres
  • Advice for Finding Great Samples
  • Keyboard Exercises
  • Ear Training
  • Geography of the keyboard
  • Posture, position and personal preference
  • Basic Ear Training and Relative Pitch
  • Modern Music Deconstruction 
  • Intervals, Scales and Modes
  • Chord voicing and formulas
  • Chord Inversions and Arpeggios
  • Practice plans and excercises


** Please note there will be absolutely no refunds after the first class has taken place.
** You may be offered a credit if you cancel your registration within 2 weeks before the first class takes place.